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Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Madrid

At Clínica DKF we are highly specialized in Regenerative Medicine which is one of the most effective techniques for the recovery of tissues damaged by injuries or diseases and, within this field, cell therapy is the one that offers the best results since the patient’s own cells are used to recover the damage caused by the disease or injury.

consulta medicina regenerativa madrid centro

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Treatment with Pluripotent Cells


Pluripotent cells are a type of cell with characteristics capable of generating most of the tissues


Cells have the ability to become many different types of cells in the body and can be used as a repair system for the body.


Cells are capable of multiplying and self-differentiating into, for example: muscle cells (myocyte), tendon cells (tenocytes) and cartilaginous cells (chondrocyte).


Therapy with pluripotent cells allows a much faster recovery, with less convalescence time, decreasing inflammation and, therefore, the pain caused by the injury. This way, the patient can quickly restore their daily activities and sports.



Our specialists will evaluate if the treatment is indicated by means of the history, the exploration and the study of the radiographies and magnetic resonance.


In an affirmative case, blood tests, chest radiography and electrocardiogram will be performed.


Cell extraction is conducted on an outpatient basis in our own operating room. Through local anaesthesia and superficial sedation, similar to the one used in colonoscopy, about 100 cubic centimetres are aspirated from the abdominal area. The adipose tissue is washed, microfragmented and concentrated in an infiltration.


The entire process is performed under the highest standards of asepsis and then injected into the joint (same procedure as in an infiltration of corticoid or hyaluronic acid) or tendon with ultrasound guidance.


The process takes about two and a half hours. It is recommended a relative rest of 48 hours and a sports activity rest for one week.


Afterwards, depending on the patient’s evolution, the controls and rehabilitation guidelines are personalized.


Each patient is clinically and ultrasonographically monitored the first month, third month, sixth month and first year.


Treatments with Growth Factors

Growth factors consist of using the biological potential of platelets to accelerate the process of recovery of muscle, joint and tendon injuries.


The growth factors are especially indicated for the treatment of:

  • Knee arthrosis.
  • Achilles and patellar tendinitis and rotator cuff tendinitis with small partial breaks.
  • Chondromalacia
  • Knee, ankle and hip cartilage injuries.




An amount similar to that needed for an analysis is extracted from the patient and is subjected to a centrifugation process that separates the richest fraction in platelets containing growth factors.


The application of growth factors is done on an outpatient basis, without the need for anaesthesia and the entire process can last from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the injury and the areas that need to be treated.


The complete treatment is usually done in about three sessions by infiltration, keeping a period of approximately seven days between each session.

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