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Rheumatology Clinic in Madrid Centre

In Clínica DKF we are specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the non-traumatic locomotor system disorders, working with the latest and most innovative diagnostic and treatment techniques to offer people suffering from this type of chronic condition the greatest possible comfort.
This type of diseases affects both young people and adults and they are usually chronic, so they require treatment and monitoring for long periods of time. For such reason, we offer a professional and close treatment, carrying out a constant monitoring of the evolution of each patient.

consulta de raumatologia madrid centro

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Time we can contact you:



Shockwave treatment

Targeted shock waves are waves with mechanical and biological effects to treat:

  • Chronic pain: • lumbago, painful shoulder, degenerative knee, trochanter or foot tendinopathies, epicondylitis and trigger points.
  • Calcifications, fractures and tendinitis: plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spur, frozen shoulder, arthrosis and acylodynia.
  • Regeneration of soft tissues: sprains, muscle strains…
  • Delayed healing in a bone fracture and osteonecrosis
  • Skin indication: decubitus and vascular ulcers and burns.


Shockwaves are based on lithotripsy systems. It is a therapy that consists of the application of high velocity sound waves with a head that does not let them disperse and targets them


For the application a gel is used on the skin that favours the conduction of the wave. The depth the wave reaches will be up to 12 centimetres in focal equipment and 3 to 5 centimetres in radial equipment.
The shockwaves produce an inflammatory response that will later lead to the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissues. The sessions will be spaced so that the repairing response has its time to take effect.

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