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Nutrition and Obesity Clinic in Madrid Centre

In DKF we support committed clients through their change of habits and lifestyle to achieve the desire results and the objectives agreed upon the guided programs, in which the specificities of each person are always taken into account.


We consider optimal weight to be the one in which the person is physically and emotionally confortable and which we define in our clinic as “healthy weight”.


Although we know that change begins with the commitment of each person to achieve the objectives set, at DKF we consider very important treating all areas of the individual in order to make the change sustainable over time.


One of the main extra values of the unit is the support to the patient at all times from the moment they come to our service, providing the both external and internal tools, techniques and means with the ultimate goal of achieving maximum physical and emotional well-being in the long term, acting from the management of emotions about food.

consulta de nutricion y obesidad en madrid centro
Our way of understanding nutrition extends to:
  • The prevention of pathologies
  • The promotion of health and an adequate quality of life in the long term.
  • Treatment of pathologies as an adjuvant within the medical strategy.
  • The change of habits in a sustainable way.
  • Work on the emotional management of food
Our extra values are:
  • We see the individual’s nutrition in an integral way.
  • We work on the basis of our emotional nutritional program.
  • We develop an individualized and personalized nutritional program.
  • We have the best resources and tools of the moment, POSE Method, intragastric balloon, etc.
  • We apply our treatments under a multidisciplinary framework of excellence.
Working fields
  • Pathologies: Digestive, ETS, hypercholesterolemia, uric acid disorders, diabetes and oncology.
  • Health improvement and nutritional advice: There is always room for improvement and the basis of change towards healthier lifestyles starts when taking action on food.
  • Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum diets: We are specialists in the nutrition of women in these important periods of their lives.
  • Menopause.
  • Sports.
  • Emotional nutrition.
  • Obesity and overweight.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics.

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