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Podiatry clinic in Madrid Centre

Clínica DKF, with its multidisciplinary team, is specialized in the treatment of problems associated with feet with the aim of achieving the most effective solutions.

Among our services you can find:



It includes corn (callus) elimination and patches of hard skin, as well as the cutting of nails. It is a healthcare practice performed with sterilized instruments in our clinic’s offices.

We also follow-up and treat ingrown toenails.


Biomechanical Exploration – Tread Study

It consists of a series of manual exploratory exams, through instrumental and diagnostic tests using pressure platforms and podoscopes. The information collected will be aimed at determining the foot posture and function, specific to each patient.

The discovery of a specific altered biomechanics may be the triggering origin of: pain and pathology of the tissues after a repeated sports movement ( athletic patients), the risk of appearance of a ulcer in the foot of a diabetic patient (diabetic foot), pain in certain areas of the locomotor system due to an inadequate posture of the foot or an altered way of walking in patients with arthrosis or rheumatic patients.

Also, a relationship may be established between altered biomechanics in patients with repetitive sprains or adult patients older than 65 years with a previous history of falls. In general, these tests can be performed on any person with or without injury, who is interested in knowing what their biomechanics are like and their repercussion on the rest of the locomotor system.

consulta de podologia madrid centro

Time we can contact you: :

Time we can contact you:



Diabetic Foot Unit in Madrid

Diabetes mellitus is a global health problem with a risk of chronic health problems that can affect kidneys, eyes and lower extremities. The work of the podiatrist is specially important in the lower extremities in the early recognition of the development of a foot ulcer, known as diabetic foot, with a risk of about 15% throughout the life of a person with diabetes.

The prevention, evaluation and treatment of problems associated with diabetic foot are significantly important. A podiatrist is a specialised medical professional who has to collaborate in an interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary way with other medical professionals in the detection of this ulcer risk.

In our centre we have a multidisciplinary team for the treatment and follow-up of diabetic patients.

In the podiatry unit, tests will be conducted to identify a possible impairment of sensitivity, as well as to evaluate a possible obstruction of the arterial flow of the foot, or arterial calcification, to identify peripheral artery disease.

Scales, tests and a biomechanical examination are also performed to know the structure and function of the foot, and to quantify the sole pressures, since their alteration determines a risk of suffering lesions and ulcers.

From the data obtained, it will be possible to establish the degree of potential risk a patient presents to develop a foot ulcer, the most appropriate treatment or, if necessary, the referral to other medical professionals.

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