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Sports Medicine Clinic in Madrid Centre

The main objectives of our Sports Medicine Unit are to protect and improve the health of athletes suffering from certain pathologies and all those who require personal or federative medical check- ups.

We also conduct medical-sport examinations to evaluate the health and fitness status for the practice of physical exercise, as well as controls and monitoring of sports performance.

In addition, our specialists will help you prevent injuries and recover from them in the shortest possible time avoiding relapses

The Sports Medicine Unit has the most advanced technology in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any pathology related to physical activity and specialists with a long and renowned career in Sports Medicine.

The Sports Medicine Unit has the most advanced technology in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any pathology related to physical activity and specialists with a long and renowned career in Sports Medicine.

consulta de medicina deportiva en madrid centro

Time we can contact you: :

Time we can contact you:



Stress Test


Do you do sport in a professional or amateur way or do you just start practicing sports? Do you want to make sure that you don’t suffer from any heart or lung disease that prevents or limits this pleasant activity?

We recommend an effort test, the results of which will provide you with complete and relevant information about the adaptation of your body to sports practice. Based on these results, our specialists will be able to determine your level of physical condition and recommend your training levels or which type of sport is better for you.

This test is also performed for diagnostic purposes or to evaluate the prognosis of a coronary artery disease or one that has been previously diagnosed. The stress test is used to diagnose angina in patients with chest pain and to examine the heart’s response to exercise.

In addition to helping with diagnosis, ergometry is also needed to estimate prognosis, exercise capacity and treatment effect in patients who have already been diagnosed with heart or lung diseases.


We offer the latest BTL Cardiopoint technology, which can be used to conduct the SDS test to detect a possible sudden death. This test is especially recommended for athletes who have already passed adolescence, those who do long workouts or people with a history of SCD.


The length of the stress test will vary depending on the considerations of our medical team and can be done on a treadmill or exercise bike.


The tests included are:

  • A spirometry with which we measure the lung capacity of the athlete at rest.
  • An electrocardiogram to diagnose risky cardiopathies in sports practice and with which we obtain the graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart.
  • Ergonometry that can be performed with or without a gas analyser. During peak exercise, the analyser measures the heart’s ability to pump blood and the lungs’ ability to oxygenate it


In addition, if required by the physician, an echocardiogram will be performed to observe in 3D the functioning of the heart from a morphological and functional point of view.

medicina deportiva
chequeo deportivo

Sports Check-up

This check-up is especially indicated for all the people who are going to start practising a sport or those who already practise it regularly and wish to know their physical condition, thanks to the use of specific tests performed by our specialists


It is important to know before start doing a sport or when a special effort is going to be made on a regular basis that the body is prepared to face the intensity to which it is going to be subjected.


It is important to carry out an evaluation of the tests for the foreseeing of possible problems in order to ensure safe sporting practice at all times, achieving an improvement in physical performance and avoiding, as far as possible, the appearance of injuries


The sports check-up includes the following medical tests:

  • Our specialist, in a first consultation, will elaborate the medical history and will carry out a physical examination, paying special attention to any cardiac pathology or skeletal muscle that can affect the sport practice
  • Sports effort or ergonometry test, which consists of continuous physical exercise while the specialist
monitors the heart rhythm with an electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure and checking respiratory capacity (gas analyser) during the maximum effort, for the diagnosis in situations of maximum effort of cardiac functional alterations
  • A spirometry with which we measure the lung capacity of the athlete at rest.
  • Electrocardiogram to diagnose cardiopathies of risk in the sport practice, and with which we obtain the graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart
  • Delivery and review of the results of the tests conducted, as well as medical recommendations after the evaluation of the results, thanks to which you will be able to know in detail your health status, physical form and sports condition.

In addition, as it is integrated within a clinic with several specialties that work in an integral way, complementary tests or consultations can be performed such as:


  • Biomechanical study of gait allows us to know if there is a relationship between certain pathologies and the patient’s way of walking, as well as the appearance of future muscular and osteoarticular injuries. Depending on the results of this study you can evaluate the need for custom insoles


We also offer athletes, both amateur and professional, other types of medical tests aimed at improving their performance.

Sports physiotherapy

It is aimed at anyone who practices sport on a regular basis, applying two types of treatments: the preventive one or the one once the injury appears.


Our goals are:

  • Treat and cure injuries specific to each sport
  • Decrease the possible relapses of the injury
  • Establish processes that facilitate rapid and effective recovery
  • To recover the greater functionality of the affected area
  • To readapt the athlete on returning to training and, if necessary, to readapt to the effort, or even to the
sporting gesture.


Our treatments include:

Sports massage, electrotherapy, manipulations, proprioception exercises, as well as other special treatments such as shockwaves, osteopathy, kinesiotaping, etc


Likewise, our Sports Medicine Unit, together with the other Clínica DKF Units, performs personalized sports profile analyses, sports nutrition assessment and sports allergy studies

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